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Earn income and free merchandise when you join the
Motor City Candleworks SCENTsociates Program

Motor City Candleworks SCENTsociates Program is a unique way to earn cash rewards and free merchandise just by purchasing your own Motor City Candleworks products from our website, or by referring others to place orders on our website. Merchandise purchased can be used by the SCENTsociate, gifted, or sold for profit. You start earning with your first sale and you can get started with no money down.

Overview and Basic Concept

These bullet points summarize the program, but be sure to read the details below before accepting the terms.

  • To get started, just register by accepting this agreement.
  • In a day or two, you'll receive a welcome email from us. In it, we'll have a link to a special page on our website just for you. We call this your SCENTsociate Link, and it's the link you will want to give all your potential customers.
  • When you place an order, we call that a purchase. You can use the goods you purchase for your own use, you can gift them, or you can sell them to make a profit. But just like your customers, you'll start all your purchases using your SCENTsociate Link.
  • When you refer a customer to our website and they place an order using your SCENTsociate Link, we call that a sale.
  • You earn a 35% cash commission for every dollar you spend on purchases, and for every dollar your referrals spend on sales.
  • You also earn 5 Making S¢ents Points for every dollar you spend on purchases. Referral sales earn Making S¢ents Points for the customer, but not for you. However, from time to time, we may have promotions where we award you extra Making S¢ents Points if you meet certain criteria.
  • SCENTsociates may convert their own points to cash at the rate of $.01 for every 4 points.
  • No deposit or purchase is required to register. A SCENTsociate must attain $100 in sales and purchases within 3 months of registration date to qualify. Upon qualification, cash payouts may be requested.
  • To stay in Active Status after your first full quarter, you must maintain $50 in sales in any quarter. If SCENTsociate becomes inactive, they must re-register and requalify according to the terms then in effect.
  • You can check your SCENTsociate account balance and your Making S¢ents Points balance online at any time.

What if I recruit a new SCENTsociate?

The world is full of direct sales programs that are bigger on recruiting new associates than they are on sales. Motor City Candleworks SCENTsociates Program is not one of those. However, we are always on the lookout for new, motivated SCENTsociates. If you recruit someone, and they are in Active Status, we will award you an additional 5% Cash Commission on their sales and purchases.

You get credit only on the people you personally recruit. We do not pay rewards beyond one level. In other words, if the SCENTsociate you recruited also recruits a SCENTsociate, there are no rewards credited to you on their recruits.

Some direct sales programs have elaborate commission schemes dependent on building many levels of sales people each earning a sliver of money for each sale below them. While we don’t reject this type of operation, it’s just not our style. We want you to be personally involved in sales, and we also want to reward you when you personally recruit a new SCENTsociate. That’s why we offer large cash rewards on everything you sell.

Motor City Candleworks SCENTsociate Program Terms Version 0916a