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Safety First, Always!!

Candle Burning Tips

With the proper care, our premium candles will give you hours of enjoyment. We can not stress enough how important it is to burn votives in a tight fitting holder, and to keep the wicks in all your wicks trimmed to about ¼". Doing so will allow them to burn most efficiently, with little or no smoke, and they will last longer. Above all, please burn all candles safely!

Use a proper holder

When burning votive candles, always use a tight-fitting votive holder. We use a premium votive wax which is made to liquefy when burning as opposed to a pillar candle which uses wax that will hold its shape. This allows our votive candles to hold a stronger concentration of scent. If you burn one of our premium votives without a proper votive holder, the wax will not hold it's shape, your burning time will be greatly reduced, and it could pose a safetly hazard. Please, always use a proper votive holder!

Jar candles should always be placed on a heat resistant surface. The glass can get quite hot, so always allow candles to cool before you move them. Hot wax is very dangerous. Never move a jar candle until the wax has cooled and solidified.

We only use quality jars made in the USA for our jar candles. These jars have been made to specifications that allow them to hold up to the high heat generated in a burning candle. However, in rare cases, these jars might break, so you should always keep them in site and on a heat resistant surface.

Don't allow children or pets near burning candles. Even the small flame in a burning candle, if not used properly, could have dire results.

Incense Burning Tips

Our hand-dipped Motor City Incense is available in a wide variety of bold fragrances. Burned properly, each stick should last more than 60 minutes, and the fragrance will linger long after that.

To light your incense, place the wooden end into a heatproof holder. Light the thicker scented end with a match and allow to burn for a few seconds until the tip begins to glow. Blow the flame out and allow the incense to smolder. The incense must smolder, not burn, for you to get the great aroma and full enjoyment for an hour or more.

Please burn safely! Do not allow the ash to fall onto any flammable surface. Many decorative holders are made just for burning incense. For safety, only burn your incense in an incense holder.

The oils used in our incense may seep. We recommend keeping your incense wrapped in it's plastic bag until ready for use.

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