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  • Big D Jar Candles

    Our BIG D Jar Candle is the big kahuna of our line. Made with soy wax, you'll get up to 100 hours of scented bliss from each candle. Compare to similar candles from Yankee -- ours costs less. Dozens of fragrances available every day.
  • Motor City Chromes™

    How convenient is this? Our delicious scents and premium wax now combined in a handy tin container with a lid so you can take them with you on the go. Burn time approximately 30 hours.
  • Motor City Shots™

    A 15-hour Motor Votive candle self-contained in it's own shot glass holder. Don't worry if you don't have a votive holder on hand, this candle comes in its own glass which you can refill with any one of our Motor Votives when this candle is finished.