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Petersburg Pumpkin Eater

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Petersburg Pumpkin Eater
Peter! Peter! There's some anecdotal evidence that the aroma of pumpkin may have a pleasing effect on your, um... peter. We won't guarantee that, but if you like your pumpkin heavy on the pumpkin and light on the spice, this one's for you.

About this incense:
Motor City Incense is hand-dipped and packaged by
Motor City Candleworks. Our fragrances are named
for places around the Great Lake State.

Burned properly, each incense stick should last about
an hour, and the fragrance will linger long after that.


To light your incense, place the wooden end into a
heatproof holder. Light the thicker scented end with a
match and allow to burn for a few seconds until the tip
begins to glow. Blow the flame out and let the incense
smolder. The incense must smolder — not burn — for
you to get the great aroma and full enjoyment.
Please burn safely! Do not allow the ash to fall onto
any combustible surface